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About Us

K9 Kingdom differentiates itself from other pet services companies with our focus on creating the ultimate playtime experience for dogs combined with the best customer service for our customers. We love dogs, and we treat each as our own. All of our pet care professionals have chosen this field because of their commitment to caring for dogs. We take this privilege seriously and thoroughly enjoy spending time with your four-legged family members.

Because of the tremendous amount of time that we get to spend with your dog during boarding, daycare, or grooming, every staff member could likely name every dog in our care at any time without having to refer to the pet’s file. We pride ourselves on this level of service and personalization. Visit our personal bios to learn more about us.

Roni, General Manager
Roni has been working at K9 Kingdom since it opened in March 2008. She knew working as a Customer Care Specialist would be a perfect fit based on her extensive customer service background & love of dogs. Some of her favorite things about working at K9 Kingdom are being able to bring her dog to work, the teamwork among the staff and most of all watching dogs be dogs, making the most of each moment. Roni is certified in Red Cross Pet First Aid and would also like to become a Certified Pet Care Technician in the near future. In her spare time she enjoys reading and is always on the lookout for new information to enrich her knowledge of dogs and their behavior.

She lives in Shaler with her fiance, Pete, and their Siberian Husky, Nikita and is actively looking to add another furry friend to her family very soon.

Kim, K9 Grooming Manager
Kim resides in Shaler with her girls: a cat named Molly and her awesome dogs Sabrina, Jesse and Cosmo. Sabrina is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Jesse is a Corgi/Lab mix and Cosmo is a Besenji. Plus, two turtles: Sam and Joe.

Saraina, K9 Groomer
Saraina resides in Bellevue with her dog, Elton, a 3 year old black lab mix.

Mallory, Assistant Manager
Many things have paved the way for me to work at K9 Kingdom including a variety of animal experience. I currently attend Robert Morris University earning a degree in business management, and from there will be pursuing a dog training degree.  K9 Kingdom has been very generous to give me an opportunity that will further my career goals.

My 11 year old chocolate Labrador Retriever, Bailey, is my best friend. She has been at my side since day one; we do everything together.  She has helped me discover who I truly am and that I have a gift to be able to work with animals. She has delivered two litters of puppies, been through numerous training activities, and has always been there for me. Bailey is the definition of unconditional love.

Everyday at K9 Kingdom, dogs teach you something new. I love working with all different types of breeds, personalities, and behaviors; it gives me the experience I need to one day be a successful dog trainer.

I live in Sewickley with both my Labrador retrievers Bailey and Chevy. In fact, if I could be any dog, I would be a Labrador Retriever, because they have fun loving personalities and are always eager to please.

Kristy, Customer Care Specialist
Kristy has been a member of the Wexford area community almost all her life. She Graduated from North Allegheny in 2001 and spent the following year in Athens, Ohio at Ohio University where she started her journey towards a teaching degree. She returned to the North Hills in 2004 where she worked miscellaneous jobs while searching for an open position in a local school.

She continues to work towards her teaching certificate while working as a special education teaching assistant, but has had the opportunity to embrace her love of animals with a part time position with Christin and the K9 Kingdom team. “It started as a great summer job,” Kristy explains, “but has really become a hobby. I look forward to work where I can learn more about the different breeds, training techniques and other dog mannerisms.” Kristy hopes to further her work with animals now that she has had the opportunity to get her feet wet at K9 Kingdom. Kristy has a black Puggle named Chance. Chance loves learning new tricks for his favorite treats and getting to show off his talents to anyone who will watch!