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Signs That You Need To Change Your Dog’s Food

Is your dog eating healthy food? While there are a number of marketing terms dog food companies use, whether or not a food is a good match for your dog is easily seen. A dull coat or pooping more than normal could be signs that his food isn’t good for him. The following are just a few signs you need to change your dog’s food.

Dull Coat

When eating a healthy diet and being groomed properly, your dog’s coat should shine. A good dog food will have a protein source listed as the first ingredient. Preferably, it will be a whole meat source, such as chicken rather than chicken meal. Your dog’s coat is made up of 90% protein and needs a good source of protein to stay healthy. A good food should also have omega fatty acids to add shine to the coat.


Dog’s shed when the weather starts to turn warm as a way to prepare themselves for summer. Shedding during other times of the year is a sign that his food isn’t healthy. It can be an even worse sign if your dog is shedding a lot of hair each day. This is a sign that the food doesn’t have the proper nutrients to keep the dog’s skin and coat healthy.

Loose Stools or Diarrhea

Loose stools and diarrhea can be common when the food doesn’t settle with the dog’s stomach. This may be the result of changing the food too quickly or could be the sign of poor-quality food. If you took the time to slowly switch your dog to the food, there’s a good chance the food just isn’t a good fit for him.

Frequent Defecation

Dogs that poop a lot, both in mass and number of times, are not eating a quality food. First of all, there’s a good chance that the ingredients in the food aren’t being properly digested and this results in a large quantity. There’s also a good chance that if the food lacks nutrition that the dog may be eating quite a bit of it.

Large Appetite

If you notice your dog eating more food than necessary, there’s a good chance his food is poor quality. When a dog doesn’t receive enough nutrition from his food, he’ll continue to eat and eat and eat. Dogs should eat 1 cup of dry kibble per 20 pounds of weight. Granted some dogs are little piggies, but if the food is causing other problems, you may need to switch. Many dog owners claim that when they switch to a higher-quality food that their dogs eat less.

Not all dog food is created equal and there’s a reason why some brands cost more than others. Read the ingredient’s label carefully to determine if the food you’re buying really is healthy or you’re being duped by fancy marketing terms.

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